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WS receives honorary degree from ADMU

By W. SyCip

SGV Founder Wash SyCip (WS) was the recipient of an Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa, the highest degree of the university.

The honorary doctorate was conferred during the 2012 commencement exercises of the School of Science and Engineering and the John Gokongwei School of Management, where Wash was also the commencement speaker. Much to the delight of the graduates, Wash quipped, “I wish I could be in your shoes! Fortified by your education, with new and young ideas, what more do you want? Instead of being 90, I wish I were 19 to join you in a life that has the best things waiting for you.”

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WS receives honorary doctorate in humanities AUF

By W. SyCip

The Angeles University Foundation (AUF) conferred on SGV Founder Wash SyCip (WS) the degree of Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa, during the university’s commencement exercises on 11 April in Angeles City.

The university conferred the degree on Mr. SyCip in recognition of his significant contributions to education in establishing the Asian Institute of Management, which put the country on the global education map; his ardent efforts to alleviate poverty in the Philippines; and for having brought pride and distinction to the country following the international success of SGV & Co., the recognized leader in the accounting profession.

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Reflections at 90 part 1

By W. SyCip

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “The way to do is to be.”

As I interpret it, what Lao Tzu meant simply is that for something to be accomplished, we would have to make it happen. And this is what inspired me, 65 years ago, to start a one-man accounting firm shortly after the liberation of Manila when World War II ended. I had big dreams but I was also realistic enough to acknowledge that I had to take it one step at a time.

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Reflections at 90 part 2

By W. SyCip

In the first part of this article, I ended with a quote from Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that says, “It is not the knowing that is difficult, but the doing.” I hope that those who read it have pondered on what this means.

Fifty years after I established SGV & Co. from a one-man operation, I retired from the company and confidently left it in the hands of much younger partners. Today it has become a 2,700-strong firm, the largest in the Philippines. I had passed on the value of stewardship – that no one person owns the firm and partners are only caretakers of the company for future generations to come.

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Forbes Asia – Volume 7, Number 6
“Back To His Roots”

Washington SyCip attended Philippine public schools when they were among the best in Asia. Now nearly 90, he’s working to make them good again.
By Susan J. Cunningham

Milwida Guevara didn’t know Washington SyCip when he turned up at her foundation’s launch in Manila in 2002. She had started the Synergeia Foundation to help keep poor children in grade school. “Our dream, really, was to give every Filipino child a decent opportunity to have a grade six education,” she says.

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Washington Sycip:
Only a Bookkeeper

Google “Washington Sycip” and you could go on for days
reading about this extraordinary man. If his life were a canvas, it would be bursting with every color and texture imaginable.

Wash Sycip is, quite simply, interested. In everything. In people, in ideas, in philosophies, in business, in politics and, as is undeniably apparent in his home, in the arts.

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A good life : Washington Z. Sycip

It is hard to think of Washington Z. SyCip as an old man. The American citizen of Chinese-Filipino descent who founded the premier accounting and consulting firm SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV) and the prestigious graduate business school Asian Institute of Management (AIM) continues to go to work as eager and enthusiastic like someone on his first job.

The man — fondly called Wash by family and friends — does not carry with him the air of superiority common from someone who has accomplished a lot in his career. Instead, Mr. SyCip remains as humble and simple as he was when he first set up his own accounting firm more than six decades ago.

NUMBERS MAN: From one-man auditor to management services multinational

Businessmen looking to explore East Asia are often told to first “go see Wash.” Small, slightly stooped yet impeccably dressed, 78-year-old Washington SyCip is the founder of Asia’s largest accounting and consulting firm, SGV & Co. Though he is officially retired, he is still the man to see.

In a calm, soothing voice, he can divine the opportunities lying untapped beneath rocky political and financial landscapes. He is on a first-name basis with taipans and political leaders in Asia and elsewhere. His mind is sharp, honed by voracious reading, frequent chats with CEOs and periodic visits to factories (his idea of sightseeing).

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Washington SyCip puts his money where his mouth is

IN ALL the talks that he gives these days before different organizations, Washington SyCip says one thing: “To improve the Philippine situation, fix basic education first.”

As he sees it, without a good education in grade school and high school, generations of Filipinos will be illiterate. “How then can they get jobs? How can they rise out of poverty?” he asks.

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Learning and laughing with Washington SyCip

With former President Corazon C. Aquino, still striking a very inspiring figure, who is also the first lady member of the Board of Governors of AIM, and Joey Cuisia, the current co-chairman of the AIM Board of Trustees doing the honors, Wash SyCip received a plaque of honor carved in glass by renowned sculptress Impy Pilapil on the occasion of the naming of AIM’s Graduate School of Business in his name, an honor so richly deserved.

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Where Wash SyCip went to school

WASHINGTON SYCIP is always ready to acknowledge that he is a product of the public school system.

His father sent him and his siblings to Burgos Elementary School in Sta. Mesa, and to Mapa High School in the “university belt” area.

But Wash himself says he could not send his own children to public schools because, by that time, the standards were so low “it would have handicapped them.”

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Why are we always lacking in national unity?

JUST OVER 57 years ago, the great civic and business leader of the Philippines, Monching del Rosario, asked me to join him in organizing the Management Association of the Philippines.

I cannot decline an invitation when another distinguished diplomat and business leader, Ambassador Bert del Rosario asked me to speak on what MAP as an organization and MAP members as individuals can do to help improve the economic and social condition of our country.

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S/Sgt. Washington SyCip raises questions on AFP

WASHINGTON SyCip was the guest speaker at the annual general membership meeting of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association. Led by chairman Galileo Kintanar and president Nicanor Bartolome as well as members of the Golden Jubilee Class of 1960, the alumni gathered at the Manila Hotel where SyCip discussed the subject of “integrity,” which is part of the academy motto — “Courage, Integrity and Loyalty.”

SyCip started with a brief statement about his short military career after which he cautioned, “You may regret having me with you today.”

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Sycip commends SGV Davao on 50th anniversary

Washington SyCip, founder of Sycip Gorres Velayo and Company (SGV & Co) flew in to Davao City to join the 50th year anniversary of SGV Davao as the company commits to continue supporting the advancement of the Davao Region.”

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